Partners and Supporters

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Please Support our Partners

Joynt Production Network, Inc.


All partners and members below is the key to our success.  JPN is a membership program with a person, as a member we can help you get the exposure and you need.  Join us and gain the benefits of being a member of GCC, utilizing Boggs Rural Life Center and more.


Joynt Production Network (JPN)

 Georgia Clients Council, Inc.

We are members of the Georgia Clients Council or better known as GCC, together we encourage self-reliance while we teach self empowerment

Boggs Academy

The JPN Leaders are fortunate to have dedicated mentors in partnership with the  Boggs Academy Alumni

 Boggs Rural Life Center, Inc.

We have the honor of hosting many of our programs including our Black Youth Heritage Expo at the Boggs Rural Life Center in Keysville, Ga., at this location you can have your meetings, trainings, conferences, and or retreats there.  They have a full business incubator and always ready to help you set up your next business endeavor.  Follow the link and learn more about Boggs.