Nonverbal Communication

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Do you have a nonverbal toddler?

Communication is very important in everyday living.  But what happens when you notice your child is only pointing and gets angry you don't know what they want.  Do you ever ask what do you want and feel frustrated you have no clue?  Have you taken your child to make sure they can hear? ...  Well believe it or not there are a lot of parents like you, for some reason your child is verbally  delayed .... all you know is you have a hearing child that is not talking.....Call me, I can help your child and you!

Parents & Grandparents

The use of sign language has proven to be beneficial for children in a wide variety of settings.   Sign language also enables children to communicate effectively

Research shows that sign language hastens speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving information, such as if they are hurt, or hungry.  A 2000 study funded by the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development, shows that young children who learn sign language speak sooner than other children (Glairon, 2003)

Therefore, if you have a non-verbal child allow me to help you communicate with your child.

     Teachers We Can Help You Too

Teachers have reported that there has been less biting, hitting, and screaming because the children are happier and less frustrated because they are able to communicate.

Let me help you communicate with your non-verbal students

 Parent Classes

Basic - $75.00

2 hours – 1 day

ABC’s & 123’s - $150.00

3 hours

1 & 2 day sessions available

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Let me help you communicate

with your non-verbal students

$50.00 per person


Classes 10-14 students


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Tutoring Session


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