JPN Leadership-Projects

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JPN Leadership Program

The JPN Leadership Program was created in 1994 after years of working with homeless adults.  Through the years we noticed that parents were taking their children from shelter to shelter and that this pattern was generational.  The kids saw this as a way of life therefore they never strived to want more.  A few times we would have a teen speak up but be shut down by the parent.  At that time we realized if the teens knew better they would want more and want to do better so we shifted our focus.

Teens have a voice but it is rarely heard

This program was developed to help all teens reach their full potential as leaders.  Though we teach them the art of being good team players we encourage them to always do the right things.  Thses programs has been offered to at risk teens as well as honor students, with the same results.  Self-respect, self-awareness and respect for others.   This page will highlight some of our participants projects.


Black Youth Heritage Expo

The JPN Black Youth Heritage Expo is an annual event.  30 -50 leaders  coordinate this event and are trained to act as tour guides over the 3 day exposition.  This event was held at Boggs Rural Life Center in Keysville, Ga.  The leader in this photo was Michael Bosby one of the founders and the a leadership trainer.  Over 800 students attended this 3 day event.

Feed My School Project

3 of the 10 leaders (in white t-shirts) helping out at the Burke County School districts "Feed My School' project.  We had volunteers supervising groups of students as well as demostrating and helping at various tables

Feeding the Hungry

Several times a year leaders are asked to help out in various feed the hungry programs.  Some serve the meals and others at various stations like Treyvon Baker, he was in charge of cake

Boggs Alumni Museum

The Burke County Ga  Leadership group had the pleasure of helping the Boggs Alumni share their history.  They worked hard to create a Alumni Museum in the Phelps Building on the campus.

Prom Safety

Prom Safety is very important and each school do it differently.  This group had the presenters come to the school and gave out raffle tickets to thouse that stated they would practice safe behaviors going to prom.  

Cupcakes for Cancer

Each leader must complete an indivdual project, Ms. Janell came up with Cup Cakes for Cancer.  She made cupcakes and gave the money to a local charity helping cancer patients.