Me-Ma's House

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Me-Ma's House of Referrals & Training

Center Location:  1279 Athens, Rd. Crawford, GA  Fall 2008 Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday  10am - 5pm (Special Classes & Events on Weekends as Scheduled)......Center closed in 2012...looking for a new location

  • Scheduled Classes: Parenting Plus, Cooking & Nutrition, GED Preparation, Banking & Finance, Drivers Education, Job Search, Career Awareness, Future Focus, Life Skills, and Setting Priorities.
  • Referrals & Training: Community College Coach, Intern Placement, Community Service Placement and more depending on the needs of the participant.
ME-MA’S HOUSE OF REFERRALS & TRAINING is a one-stop referral base for all   teens and young adults.  Participants develop self-discipline, maturity, independence, and the ability to make better choices and develop critical thinking skills in an encouraging environment.  The program is designed to stress the importance of putting education first, encouraging participants to stay in school, acquire GED certification and assistance with locating training to be productive citizens.  The program teaches all forms of life skills and help with finding the right path for growth, always encouraging higher education as the ticket to success.

Me-Ma’s House is staffed by volunteers and teen/young adult participants.  The center provides services and training for participants  in counties throughout northeast Georgia, with a major focus on counties connected by one highway…i.e., Elbert, Clarke, Greene, Madison, Oglethorpe, and Wilkes.  Each participant will have an individualized program that will meets the special needs of the participant.  The 2nd phase of the center’s goals include implementing a complete Independent Living Program, where housing will be provided for teens that have no place to go and services will be administered through programs created through Me-Ma’s House.

We offer Internships, Volunteer Opportunities, and Community Service Hours...Just Call

Other Programs At Me-Ma's House

The BAD Program - BAD stands for Behavior Accountability & Direction.  This community service program will give students that are suspended from school or are on probation, an opportunity to correct their mistakes and help others at the same time through community service work. On TrackThis program gives 12th graders that did not pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) another option for taking the test during the summer or helping them (and other teens) prepare for the GED so they can still be eligible to attend college in the fall.  The TAP ProgramThe Teen Aged Parenting Program will allow teen mothers the opportunity to learn more about parenting and life skills necessary to become productive citizens. The TAP program is open to pregnant teens and teen mothers. Community Service Projects - Many teens that are on probation and/or need community service hours will be use this program to complete that requirement through the creation of the Center’s resource materials.  This is done through videos, brochures, resource guides, etc.  Internships - College students have the opportunity to explore many job choices through our center.  In return, they will develop resource materials to help the next person that is also interested in their job field.